Mental Health Therapy

As life changing events occur whether due to a change in physical health, a decline in memory or loss of a loved one, depression and anxiety often follow.

We provide Mental Health Services to seniors bringing these services directly to the home.  Medicare Part B is billed for these services.

Risk to Seniors When Emotional Disorders are Not Treated

Depression is the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in seniors over age 65 according to the American Psychiatric Association. Mental illness is often under diagnosed and can be confused with other chronic health conditions.

Some signs to look for are changes in eating, sleeping and previous activity routines.  An untreated mental illness such as depression may quickly affect a senior’s physical health and lead to dehydration and an increase in mental confusion and delirium among other risks.  Unfortunately untreated depression has lead to suicide.  Males over age 85 have the highest rate of suicide among all the age groups.

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Overview of Cognitive Therapy with Seniors

Cognitive Therapy is an active, directive and time-limited therapy.  It is problem focused and involves examination of thinking processes that have trapped the individual in a downward spiral.

Aspects of Validation and Reminiscence are also incorporated with the Cognitive Therapy.  The senior takes an active roll along with the therapist in seeking a decrease in symptoms of their disorder and regaining a sense of purpose and mastery of this important last stage of their lives.

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Coverage for Cognitive Therapy

Medicare Part B authorizes payment for therapy provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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